Classic is another Iranian manufacturer in the field of surveillance and security in Iran, with a special place among its customers by producing in the field of cameras and door and relay controls and sensors.

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Alpha classic wire sensor

Alpha wired optical sensor with classic brand, can be installed for all alarms, including the classic alarm itself
315,000 تومان 270,000 تومان

Classic Z4 ULTRA 64+ Burglaralarm

Classic place alarm Z4 ULTRA GIGACODE 64 plus This alarm has a higher range than Z4 ULTRA GIGACODE 64 PRO.
1,610,000 تومان 1,500,000 تومان

Classic Z4 ULTRA Burglaralarm

The Z4 ULTRA GIGACODE 64 PRO Classic Home Alarm is one of the best-selling best-selling home security systems in the country and the newest. The advanced features of the device and the simplicity of installation have made the Z4 ULTRA GIGACODE 64 PRO suitable for protection of all residential, office, commercial and jewelry stores.
1,630,000 تومان 1,250,000 تومان

Gap wireless eye sensor model G25

Gap wireless sensor model G25 One of the strong wireless sensors suitable for all alarm panels with a frequency of 433 MHz hopping
550,000 تومان 370,000 تومان

Fox 2 Classic Wireless Eye Sensor

Fox2 Classic Wireless Sensor A Fox2 wireless sensor with 10 to 12 meters of visibility and 110 degrees of angle is one of the best choices for the eye on 433 MHz hopping panels. This sensor has the ability to report the weakening status of the sensor battery to its central alarm (classic alarm).
550,000 تومان 450,000 تومان

Classic G1 Ultra caller

SIM card and G1 Ultra Classic landline
1,630,000 تومان 1,250,000 تومان