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Anik alarm SIM card, model GL150

Anik Alarm SIM Card Telephone Panel Model GL150 Ability to connect to all alarm panels of Anik places.
1,075,000 تومان 967,500 تومان

4Net B500 Security Alarm

Simkarti and city line + high antenna + 5 relays
1,290,000 تومان 1,250,000 تومان

Five star burglaralarm Model GSA-206

This type of alarm has a city line and a SIM. Activate by keypad or call or control panel or SMS. It has all the features of the 202, 203, 204 and 205 models, but it differs from the 204 in some zones. SMS control has greatly enhanced the capabilities of this alarm.
1,650,000 تومان 1,350,000 تومان

Five star Burglaralarm Model GSA-207P

This type of Burglararalarm has a city line and a SIM. Upgraded version 206. Main difference with model 206: 1- Ability to install keypad 210 2-LCD 3. External siren disconnection warning 4. Ability to report if keypad is installed Note that this alarm model has all the features of the 206 model.
1,850,000 تومان 1,550,000 تومان

Five Star Places Burglaralarm Model GSA-208

This type of Burglaralarm has a city line and a SIM. Significant improvement over version 207 In this version of Fire Alarm, Fayostar sells the complete combination of Alarm and Fire Alarms and Traffic Control. Note that this alarm model has all the features of the 207 model. tip : Notice that most strangers with alarms have a little more and a little less, so what makes alarms different? This question is explained in the training section on the difference in performance of alarms.
2,400,000 تومان 2,200,000 تومان

Five star Alarm Model SA-202

This type of alarms are free of charge for city and SIM lines and have features such as 24-hour zones and ding dong.
600,000 تومان 570,000 تومان