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Silex Places Alarm Package Model S7-2ch

Silex alarm package model S7-2ch includes Silex + SG7 SIM card panel and two +476 Paradox eye numbers with base, speaker and cover and 50 meters of telecommunication wire.
2,850,000 تومان 2,150,000 تومان

SILEX Alarm Model PD14

Activated and deactivated (intercepted) and intercepted telephone line
1,280,000 تومان 1,219,000 تومان

SILEX + SG7 place alarm

SIM card and landline (economic alarm) and extremely strong
1,780,000 تومان 1,700,000 تومان

دزدگیر اماکن سایلکس (SILEX) مدل SG8-805s

SIM card and city (economic alarm) and extremely strong with relay output
2,650,000 تومان 2,590,000 تومان