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Firewall speaker

Powerful firewall speaker suitable for all firewall models and all brands
120,000 تومان 85,000 تومان

َFirewall Burglaralarm Model F10

Simcarta + Urban + with full features
3,350,000 تومان 2,580,000 تومان

َFirewall Alarm Model F7

place burglar alarm (without caller) firewall
1,270,000 تومان 1,010,000 تومان

َFirewall Burglar Alarm Model F7

Urban fixed line alarm
1,660,000 تومان 1,380,000 تومان

َFirewall Alarm Model F9

Simcarta + Urban + Full Features (No Relay) Attention : The difference between the F9 and F10 panels is their relay range.
2,970,000 تومان 2,395,000 تومان

Wireless Firewall Smoke Sensor

The wireless firewall smoke sensor has the ability to connect to all firewall alarm panels. This wireless smoke sensor operates separately from the home fire alarm system and can even be operated 24 hours a day, separately from the burglar alarm system.
510,000 تومان 380,000 تومان