EVOHD Paradox Alarm Board

An upgraded version of the EVO192 is the core of the Insight system, which can be used with an HD77 sensor. This control panel enables faster dial-up on VOIP lines at 1200 baud and has a power consumption of over 3.5 amps.
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
Old price: 2,900,000 تومان
2,817,500 تومان

Paradox EVOHD is a uniquely powerful security and access control
panel. Powered by a strong and reliable processor, the EVOHD
supports the enhanced functionality of the Paradox HD77 camera.
The control panel’s redundant communication systems generate
reports to the Central Monitoring System (CMS) over IP, GSM,
GPRS, landline or any combination thereof.
The EVOHD provides faster processing speeds with communications
upload/download on a landline of up to 1200 baud programming
for tamper reporting. Designed for easy installation and deployment
of additional products, the EVOHD can support up to 254 security
devices and 192 zones. The control panel’s flexible zone assignment
allows any detector to be assigned to any zone, regardless of the
physical location of the connection. Efficient zone use is designed
into the system to make system expansion, installation and service
quick and convenient.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions20.2x9.5 cm
Ability to define additional remoteok
اتصالات بی سیم(GPRS,GSM(2G
Wired connectionsIP,Wire
Battery capacity9000 mAh
Battery life72h
Hardware Zonehas it
Number of supported hardware254
Wireless Zonenot ok
Number of hardware zones192
Relay outputok
Relay Output Number5
Number of output controller numbersMore than 40
Controllable Relay Outputok
Fixed line phone supportok
Download and upload speed with VOIP1200 baud
Number of memory storage number999
External GSM Antennanot ok
Isolated Input and Outputok
Hardware support modelsNC , NO
Automatic battery chargerok
input voltage220v AC
Internal UPSok
Sound output power40w