Manufacturer of security alarm systems for many years has entered the industry with a strong design and with a strong warranty and excellent after-sales service has gained a special place among our dear people.

If we were to take a look at the designs of the company's Alarm Board manufactures, the entire smd technology and switching range and design technology will push us towards the paradoxical Canadian Alarm Board.

The motto of this company that has been all the way is (We are always second !!! Our product partners introduce their own product)

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+Burglar Alarm smart zx

Home Alarms The smart zx plus has a stronger built-in wireless antenna power than the smartzx
4,000,000 تومان 4,400,000 تومان

Smart zxa + Alarm Radiation Detector

Smart ZX A Plus burglar alarm with stronger internal GSM antenna power and stronger wireless antenna than smartzxa
4,100,000 تومان 4,500,000 تومان

Smart ZX Parto Azarakhsh Places Burglar alarm

Places burglaralarm smart zx model is a different brand in the field of place alarms
3,900,000 تومان 4,300,000 تومان

Smart ZXA Parto Azarakhsh Place Burglaralarm

Smart ZXA place alarm has a stronger internal GSM antenna power than Smart ZX
4,000,000 تومان 4,400,000 تومان

PartoAzarakhsh Wireless Magnet

Wireless magnet or cordless load magnet partoazarakhsh with high frequency power and suitable for all alarm models partoazarakhsh
290,000 تومان 220,000 تومان

Wireless eye radiant light

Radiation-free wireless eye with high range and excellent quality
470,000 تومان 320,000 تومان