Anic Wired P2 Model

Anik's P2 eye product with an exclusive proprietary brand.
Manufacturers: alarm electronic , ANIK
Delivery date: 1 to 2 workind day
Old price: 295,000 تومان
255,000 تومان

Anik Wireless Eye Sensor Model P2

Can this eye be used on other brands of alarms?

The answer is yes. This eye can be used in different alarms that have NC zones.

These eyes have a lot of power against disturbing ambient light and therefore have less error to warn.

Anik wired model P2 has a Japanese NICEARA sensor and has a viewing angle of 140 degrees.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Viewing Angle140 Degree
Depth of vision10 Meter
key tamperok
Circuit making technologyDIP & SMD
Ophthalmic lensNN
Holder baseok
Wave protectionok
Sensor Modelwire
Water resistantnot ok
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
installation locationin door
PET )Weight adjustable )not ok
Sensitivity adjustmentnot ok
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