Manufacturer of security systems, alarm systems and other electronic circuits, with the aim of operating in the field of security and security systems, started in year 5.
After a year of working in this field and exploring the problems and shortcomings, the team set out to design and build several unique new products.
The company managed to launch, for the first time in the country, for the first time in the country, an ANIK-branded SIM card calling system on an industrial scale.
Anik Electronics Desert Yazd After several years, with experience in the field of protection, has been able to bring more than ten models of SIM card telephony usable along with protection and industrial systems.

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Anik alarm SIM card, model GL150

Anik Alarm SIM Card Telephone Panel Model GL150 Ability to connect to all alarm panels of Anik places.
1,650,000 تومان 1,500,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A260

Simple Alarm with Connectivity to Urban Caller
1,450,000 تومان 1,200,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A360

This alarm only has the ability to alert via landline. It is one of the suitable (economic) alarms.
2,100,000 تومان 1,850,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A670

(Simcarty + telline ( Economic
2,850,000 تومان 2,600,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A670

Simcarty + telline
3,150,000 تومان 2,800,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A770

Simcarty + Urban Independent use of two SIM cards
3,570,000 تومان 3,100,000 تومان