E-Kavir Company phenomenon in 1386 with the aim of working in the field of electronic protection systems began.

After a couple years of experience of the presence of colleagues and problems of different systems, SIM cards are proud that more than 10 phone models and several models in the field of protective products to the world with different features we launched.

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َANIK Alarm Model A260

Simple Alarm with Connectivity to Urban Caller
1,450,000 تومان 1,200,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A670

(Simcarty + telline ( Economic
2,850,000 تومان 2,600,000 تومان

َGAP Burglar Alarm Model G12

Simcarty + telline
2,500,000 تومان 2,320,000 تومان

Anik alarm SIM card, model GL150

Anik Alarm SIM Card Telephone Panel Model GL150 Ability to connect to all alarm panels of Anik places.
1,650,000 تومان 1,500,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A670

Simcarty + telline
3,150,000 تومان 2,800,000 تومان

َANIK Alarm Model A770

Simcarty + Urban Independent use of two SIM cards
3,570,000 تومان 3,100,000 تومان