Silks Electronics, with over 5 years of experience in the field of protection systems, has launched its first car alarm product and has expanded its product range over time and gained experience in manufacturing and technical issues and is now aiming to fulfill the motto " National Production - Global Quality »has become one of the most modern manufacturers of home security and remote control automatic door controls in the country.
By expanding its research reach to the highest technical quality, this series has become the first manufacturer of Remote Code Hopping controls in the country. Silk Electronics products are offered in four groups:

Security and Security Systems
Shuttle Command Circuit
Industrial Remote Control Kit
Remote Types

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SILEX Alarm Model PD14

Activated and deactivated (intercepted) and intercepted telephone line
1,280,000 تومان 1,219,000 تومان

SILEX + SG7 place alarm

SIM card and landline (economic alarm) and extremely strong
1,780,000 تومان 1,700,000 تومان

دزدگیر اماکن سایلکس (SILEX) مدل SG8-805s

SIM card and city (economic alarm) and extremely strong with relay output
2,650,000 تومان 2,590,000 تومان

Silex Alarm Model SL14

This type of alarms are free of charge for city and SIM lines and have features such as 24-hour zones and ding dong.
771,000 تومان 730,000 تومان

GMK-2ch-FB GMK SIM card alarm package

GMK alarm pack (GMK) includes M1 or 890 GMK SIM card panel and two futal eyepieces with stand, speaker and cover, 50 meters of telecommunication wire and 4.5 amp battery.
3,090,000 تومان 2,480,000 تومان

GMK-2ch-PB GMK SIM card alarm package

GMK alarm package (GMK) includes GMK SIM card panel model M1 or 890 and two eyeglasses +476 Paradox with base and speakers and cover and 50 meters of telecommunication wire and 4.5 amp battery.
3,200,000 تومان 2,600,000 تومان