Five star burglaralarm Model GSA-206

This type of alarm has a city line and a SIM. Activate by keypad or call or control panel or SMS. It has all the features of the 202, 203, 204 and 205 models, but it differs from the 204 in some zones. SMS control has greatly enhanced the capabilities of this alarm.
Manufacturers: alarm electronic , Fivestar
Old price: 1,650,000 تومان
1,350,000 تومان


30 memory contact numbers via SMS, TEL, GSM
4 controllable outputs for telephone and SMS relays
Ability to control the device via phone line and SMS
Change SMS messages to any desired text
Enable instantaneous and constant relay outputs
Power outage and texting alert
User guide for ease of installation and verification of each part via audio guide
Has 2 user passwords and controls for device panel
Available in 2 types of stimulation, LEVEL level and EDGE moment for the device
Charging and querying SIM card charge automatically via SMS communication
20-second voice message recording for user to alert registered numbers
Test dial and send SMS via device panel
Features 4 zones programmable to permanent, delayed, 24 hours, (2 zones wireless)
Ability to add 40 remotes to the device
Ability to add 40 Wireless Eyes for 2 wireless zones
Ability to enable or disable the system by remote control on the device
Ability to turn on and off with the alpha key on the device panel
Contains a panel indicating the status of zones and device activation
Contains memory for storing information on stimulated zones
With independent door open relay output (instant)
It has the ability to distinguish wireless zones 1 and 2
Ability to mute the external speaker by remote control the device
Ability to dial into remote memory via SMS
Listen to the sound for 15 seconds from touching the device
Has dual pulse dial and TONE tone
View and check the amount of antenna on the device display
Arm / Disarm notification Remote control to control device entry and exit via SMS

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
Battery capacity7000 mAh
Battery life40 h
Hardware Zonehas it
Wireless Zoneok
Number of hardware zones4
Wireless zone number2
Relay outputok
Relay Output Number1
Number of output controller numbers0
Power outage warningok
Announcing hang up alertok
Alarm cutout warningnot ok
Announce speaker disconnectnot ok
SIM card supportok
Fixed line phone supportok
Control over fixed lineok
Number of memory storage number29
Number of alert receiving numbers20
Sound recording memoryok
Number of audio recording memory1
Isolated Input and Outputnot ok
Automatic battery chargerok
Menu-capable devicenot ok
External wireless antenna for wireless zonesok
External GSM Antennanot ok
Hardware support modelsNC only
Type of power supplytrans
24-hour zone capability for each zoneOnly 1 zone
Monitoring capability for HzoneOnly 1 zone
Memory protected against power fluctuationsnot ok
The number of remotes that the device supportsMore than 30 pcs
The device has separate addressing capabilities to the remotenot ok
input voltage220v AC
Possibility to increase the number of sirens up2
Ability to play recorded sound for each zonenot ok
Internal UPSok
Operating frequency315 learning
with Alarm EquipmentCardboard machine and 2 pcs with manual
Sound output power30w
Humidity% 60 - 0
Remote Remover featureVia SMS and panel
The number of memory logs in the system10
Keypad support featureOnly wired keypad
Output relay timerok
Instantaneous Relay Output (especially Opener)ok
Message to remind administrator to disable alarmnot ok
Scheduled activationok
Controllable Relay Outputok
Control via mobile softwareandroid , ios
Number of storage numbers as administrator10