Smart ZXA Parto Azarakhsh Place Burglaralarm

Smart ZXA place alarm has a stronger internal GSM antenna power than Smart ZX
Manufacturers: alarm electronic , partoazarakhsh
Old price: 2,800,000 تومان
2,650,000 تومان
Nowadays, due to the large variety of alarm products, all customers are looking for a similar panel and quality package, preferably overseas. Radar Lighting is the first quality alarm design company in Iran that has focused exclusively on its wireless alarm systems to enable good quality alarms. To create the Iranian taste that is simultaneously of quality, beauty and competitiveness in quality with foreign product. These products have corporate guarantee and will be unique.
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Dimensions 25x32x9
Ability to define additional remote ok
جنس بدنه پلاستیک
اتصالات بی سیم Wireless , GSM‎-2G
Screen Specifications LCD 2X16
Battery capacity 9000 mAh
Battery life 72h
Hardware Zone has it
Wireless Zone ok
Number of hardware zones 8
Wireless zone number 10
Relay output ok
Relay Output Number 5
Controllable Relay Output ok
Number of output controller numbers 34
Power outage warning ok
Announcing hang up alert ok
Alarm cutout warning ok
Announce speaker disconnect ok
SIM card support ok
Fixed line phone support ok
Number of memory storage number 60
Number of alert receiving numbers More than 20 people
Number of storage numbers as administrator 10
Control via mobile software android , ios
Control over fixed line not ok
Sound recording memory ok
Number of audio recording memory 8
Isolated Input and Output ok
Automatic battery charger ok
Menu-capable device ok
External wireless antenna for wireless zones ok
External GSM Antenna ok
Hardware support models NC , NO
Type of power supply switching
24-hour zone capability for each zone ok
Monitoring capability for Hzone ok
Memory protected against power fluctuations ok
The number of remotes that the device supports More than 30 pcs
The device has separate addressing capabilities to the remote ok
Remote Remover capability Panel and sms and software
input voltage 220v AC
Possibility to increase the number of sirens up 4
Ability to play recorded sound for each zone ok
Internal UPS ok
Operating frequency 315 learning
Sound output power 50w
with Alarm Equipment Cardboard machine and 2 pcs with manual
Remote Remover capability Panel and sms and software
The number of memory logs in the system Unlimited only in mobile SMS history
Keypad support feature Wireless Keypad Only
Output relay timer not ok
Instantaneous Relay Output (especially Opener) ok
Message to remind administrator to disable alarm not ok
Scheduled activation not ok