Classic G1 Ultra caller

SIM card and G1 Ultra Classic landline
Manufacturer: classic
Old price: 1,560,000 تومان
1,180,000 تومان

SIM card and G1 Ultra Classic landline

Classic G1 caller with SIM card and landline call capability, along with 4 controllable relay boards and reporting of 200 recent events. The best caller, suitable for classic alarms of Ultra and 64plus models. Also used fire alarm.

This phone uses the latest version of the company's technology (V4).

Relay number 1 of this device can be used as a door opener, and 50 numbers can activate relay number one of the classic G1 device by phone call.

In G1 ultra classic device, it is possible to define 10 numbers as management, each of which can be controlled via SMS (software) (possibility of deleting and restricting access).

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions3.4x13x18.9 cm
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
اتصالات بی سیم(GPRS,GSM(2G
Wired connectionsSingle pair wire
Screen SpecificationsLCD 2X16
Relay outputok
Relay Output Number4
The number of memory logs in the system200
Controllable Relay Outputok
Instantaneous Relay Output (especially Opener)ok
Relay output specifications30V/0.5A
Number of output controller numbers10
Power outage warningok
Announcing hang up alertok
Announcing hang up alertok
Alarm cutout warningok
Announce speaker disconnectok
SIM card supportok
Fixed line phone supportok
Control via mobile softwareandroid , ios
Sound recording memoryok
Number of audio recording memory2
Number of storage numbers as administrator10
Number of memory storage number70
External GSM Antennaok
input voltage12v ~ 14v DC
Humidity% 60 - 0
Temperature50 ~ 25-
Consumption current intensity≤ 25mA
Ability to play recorded sound for each zoneok
installation locationin door
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