CLGS2-P classic SIM card places alarm package

Classic SIM card security system model CLGS2-P Has a classic Ultra panel Has two remotes Comes with SIM card holder and classic G1 landline 2 wired eyes +476 2 eye bases One speaker A metal speaker protective cover One backup battery
Manufacturers: classic , alarm electronic
Old price: 3,970,000 تومان
3,110,000 تومان

CLGS2-P Classic SIM Card Locks Alarm Package

The classic place alarm package has a SIM card and city line telephone and two Pro Paradox eyes with high visibility, as well as a battery, speakers and protective cover, as well as alarm panels with two remotes.

The features of the alarm panel of classic places and the G1 device can be briefly seen in the following links:

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Classic Z4 Ultra 64 pro alarm panel
Classic G1 caller panel

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