Firman Security Company (Firewall) is one of the leading manufacturers of security systems in Iran with decades of experience in the production and distribution of security alarm systems and surveillance cameras. Featuring a team of experts and experts, using the latest and most advanced technologies in the world, this collection strives to satisfy your loved ones as the most essential part of a firewall collection.

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َFirewall Alarm Model F10

Simcarta + Urban + with full features
2,200,000 تومان 2,100,000 تومان

َFirewall Alarm Model F7

Does your car alarm call? With the above question, we introduce: place alarm (without caller) firewall
800,000 تومان 770,000 تومان

َFirewall Alarm Model F7

Urban fixed line alarm
1,100,000 تومان 1,000,000 تومان

َFirewall Alarm Model F9

Simcarta + Urban + Full Features (No Relay) Attention : The difference between the F9 and F10 panels is their relay range.
1,350,000 تومان 1,287,000 تومان

H6 wired firewall ocular sensor

The H6 Wired Firewall Sensor is a 15- to 16-meter power-sensing 110-degree-angle sensor, one of the best choices for the eye.
165,000 تومان 148,000 تومان