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Five star Burglaralarm Model GSA-207P

This type of Burglararalarm has a city line and a SIM. Upgraded version 206. Main difference with model 206: 1- Ability to install keypad 210 2-LCD 3. External siren disconnection warning 4. Ability to report if keypad is installed Note that this alarm model has all the features of the 206 model.
2,550,000 تومان 2,400,000 تومان

FiveStar wired optical sensor model IRF10

15-25kg weight sensor Fayostar with two lenses
960,000 تومان 948,000 تومان

FiveStar wired optical sensor model F32

Fiestar internal wired sensor suitable for all alarm panels of places
170,000 تومان 190,000 تومان