GMK Burglaralarm panel Model 910

More security with two methods of informing the SIM card and fixed line with 4 outputs controlling the electrical device
Old price: 3,030,000 تومان
2,350,000 تومان


By installing the above device in various possibilities, especially shops you can be informed about any entry and exit and attempt to steal. The device is a robbery notification system that can send and receive incoming and outgoing phone and SMS information. To do this, simply store preset numbers in the device memory and insert a SIM card. For messages you can independently record two fire and theft reports in memory. With this product you will no longer have to worry about entry, exit and theft and you will be notified of everything. It even notifies the power outage. This product is produced by GMC. It's called the GMk910. It has a long range and measures 30 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm.

Special Feature: Recording; separate message for fire alarm and theft notification
Message reminder to administrator if alarm is not enabled due to forgetfulness
smart Speech memory and fully intelligent intelligence
call GSM call spokes memory and ۱۰ Fixed line call memory
It has the ability to record events with 2 slides on LCD
Activate and deactivate PART1 and PART2 and PART3 via SMS, device call, remote control and control by internal and external keypad;
Confidential Inbound and Outbound Reports via Voice Call (SMS) and SMS
Notify the administrator if the charge is less than 5 Tomans
Warning of disconnecting the power of the speaker via call and SMS
Capacity to work with any type of telephone line (urban and rural)
Has a solar clock and weekday digital **** eavesdropping
Send the phone number of the person who activated and deactivated the device via SMS to the appropriate administrator
The output relay timer enables the device to be switched on or off at certain times
New security feature (1x protection): When enabled this system when off

In addition to the remote, arming must be disabled via SMS or Keypad.
Otherwise the device starts alarms **** No interference with any type of ADSL modem
Edit phone number, delete and add phone number via SMS (Android app)
2-way pedal capability with this feature enabled when the pedal is pressed
The device only starts dialing and sending a message and starts alarms by pressing the device again
Alarm and call alert in case of power failure with delay of 1 minute, 1.5 and 1.5 hours
It has 5 separate zones with wireless and wireless separation for three different zones
Capacity to convert any zone to immediate zone, delay, dinghy, 1 hour, Normal Open
And Normal Close, fire, theft and pedal wirelessly and with wires

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
DimensionsGMK 8.5 × 23 × 30
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
اتصالات بی سیمWireless , GSM‎-2G
Battery capacity9000 mAh
Screen SpecificationsLCD 2X16
Battery life72h
Hardware Zonehas it
Wireless Zoneok
Number of hardware zones8
Wireless zone number8
Relay outputok
Relay Output Number4
Number of output controller numbers10
Power outage warningok
Announcing hang up alertok
Alarm cutout warningok
Announce speaker disconnectok
SIM card supportok
Fixed line phone supportok
Control over fixed lineok
Number of memory storage number30
Number of storage numbers as administrator10
Number of alert receiving numbers20
Fixed line call number20
Sound recording memoryok
Number of audio recording memory2
Isolated Input and Outputnot ok
Automatic battery chargerok
Automatic battery chargerok
Automatic battery chargerok
Menu-capable deviceok
External wireless antenna for wireless zonesok
External GSM Antennanot ok
Hardware support modelsNC , NO
Type of power supplytrans
24-hour zone capability for each zoneok
Monitoring capability for Hzoneok
Memory protected against power fluctuationsnot ok
The number of remotes that the device supports20
The device has separate addressing capabilities to the remotenot ok
input voltage220v AC
Possibility to increase the number of sirens up1
Ability to play recorded sound for each zonenot ok
Ability to play recorded sound for each zoneOne message for theft and one message for the fire
Internal UPSok
Operating frequency315 learning
with Alarm EquipmentCardboard machine and 2 pcs with manual
Sound output power30w
Humidity5 - 10 %
Remote Remover featureVia SMS and panel
The number of memory logs in the system30
Keypad support featureOnly wired keypad
Output relay timerok
Instantaneous Relay Output (especially Opener)not ok
Message to remind administrator to disable alarmok
Scheduled activationok
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