Gray metal speaker protective cover

Speaker alarm cover for places with durable metal with industrial IP STATIC color
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
Old price: 80,000 تومان
60,000 تومان

Metal speaker protective cover with static IP color

Speaker protection cover suitable for all alarm speakers, possible to prevent sabotage and prevent the speaker from turning into insects and birds.

Prevent interruption and vandalism and theft of alarm speakers by installing the speaker inside the speaker cover.

Install the speakers safely on the exterior of the structure by installing a protective metal speaker cover.

Due to snow, rain and sun, each of which causes damage to the speaker, you can prevent any of this damage by installing a protective cover for the speaker.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions15x15x15 cm
جنس بدنهMetal
Water resistantok
Humidity5 - 99 %
Temperature80 ~ 25-
Water resistantok