Metal Push Button

Secret stimulation of burglar alarms during theft
Delivery date: 1-2 days
Old price: 35,000 تومان
25,000 تومان

Metal pushbutton

Some alarms support a 24-hour zone. By connecting this pushbutton to the alarm, which can be easily installed with a 21 drill without any special equipment, you can create a calm and confident atmosphere for yourself.

for example :

You can turn one of the wired zones into a 24-hour mode in the alarm device settings, and install this push button under the table next to the cupboard and anywhere else hidden, and connect it to the alarm. When stealing a presence that you do not have the ability to physically deal with the thief, press this key to activate the alarm, whether active or inactive.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions6.5x0.8 CM
جنس بدنهMetal
Wired connectionsSingle pair wire
Humidity5 - 99 %
Temperature80 ~ 25-
according toEN60947-5-1* IEC947-5-1
Holder baseok
Hardware support modelsNC only