GMK-2ch-PB GMK SIM card alarm package

GMK alarm package (GMK) includes GMK SIM card panel model M1 or 890 and two eyeglasses +476 Paradox with base and speakers and cover and 50 meters of telecommunication wire and 4.5 amp battery.
Old price: 3,770,000 تومان
2,900,000 تومان

GMK SIM card location alarm model M1 or 890

Ability to record 2 separate messages for fire alarm and theft
Remove the remote control by the administrator via SMS, by selecting the type of remote
Record 30 events in the system memory by mentioning the time and date
Has a digital clock with a date of the sun and the days of the week
Control 5 electric devices by 4 dedicated relays
Power outage alert and power outage as a spokesperson by calling and sending a text message (power outage - power outage)
Sending the phone number of the person who did not activate the device via active and inactive SMS to the relevant manager
Ability to install external keypad **** Strong and sensitive eavesdropping
Inform the manager if the charge is less than 1000 tomans
Confidential entry and exit report by voice call (spokesperson) and via SMS
New security capability (2 times protection): If this system is activated
When disarming the alarm in addition to the remote must be via SMS or keypad
Disable otherwise the device will start the alarm
The output relay timer of the device with the possibility that the relay is active or inactive during special hours

Editing the phone number, deleting and adding the phone number via SMS (Android app)
2-way pedal capability with this feature, if enabled by initial pressing the pedal
It just starts counting and sending the message and starts the alarm by pressing the device again.
A message reminding the manager if the alarm is not activated due to forgetfulness
Capability of 3 separate parts with the possibility that each part is controlled with a special code
System control via SMS Android application, call, internal and external keypad, remote control
Special 24-hour timer Activating and deactivating the alarm at any time and date

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