Nowadays, due to the large variety of alarm products, all customers are looking for a similar panel and quality package, preferably overseas. Radar Lighting is the first quality alarm design company in Iran that has focused exclusively on its wireless alarm systems to enable good quality alarms. To create the Iranian taste that is simultaneously of quality, beauty and competitiveness in quality with foreign product. These products have corporate guarantee and will be unique.
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  • Number of hardware zones
  • 8
  • Wireless zone number
  • 10
  • Relay Output Number
  • 5

Smart ZX Parto Azarakhsh PlacesBurglaralarm

Places burglaralarm smart zx model is a different brand in the field of place alarms
2,600,000 تومان 2,450,000 تومان

+Radar Alarm smart zx

Home Alarms The smart zx plus has a stronger built-in wireless antenna power than the smartzx
2,700,000 تومان 2,550,000 تومان

Smart ZXA Parto Azarakhsh Place Burglaralarm

Smart ZXA place alarm has a stronger internal GSM antenna power than Smart ZX
2,800,000 تومان 2,650,000 تومان

Smart zxa + Alarm Radiation Detector

Alarm zxa + smartphones have stronger GSM antenna power and wireless antenna power than smartzxa
2,900,000 تومان 2,880,000 تومان