Places alarm pedal

Metal pedals for stealing secret theft suitable for gold shops, banks and offices and shops that are directly related to cash.
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
SKU: 106007
Old price: 118,000 تومان
100,000 تومان

Strong metal pedal suitable for all types of alarm systems and relays

Metal pedal is one of the mechanical accessories of security systems that can be adjusted on the 24-hour zone of the alarm device by pressing the alarm to stimulate places loudly or silently, or in the monitoring mode by stimulating a message. Related to that zone sent.

This place pedal with its strong metal body has created a long life for the consumer.

Why pedal?

Due to the fact that in most thefts, gunmen or thieves do not allow the victims to move their hands or sudden movements by the victim cause a collision, the best tool to report this theft is the foot pedal.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
جنس بدنهMetal
Wired connections2pairs of wires
input voltageNo electricity required
Isolated Input and Outputok
Hardware support modelsNC , NO
Humidity% 60 - 0
Temperature80 ~ 25-
Sensor Modelwire
Circuit making technologyDIP & SMD
Holder baseok
Wave protectionok
Water resistantok
installation locationin door