Power supply (power) 2 amps

Camera power supply and CCTV devices and all electrical appliances that require 12 volts of 2 amps power supply.
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Power supply (power) 2 amps
Every appliance needs a power supply.

Undoubtedly, cameras and DVRs are not immune to this power supply.
Now we are choosing the type of power supply and we must consider a few points:

1- The device for which we are looking for a power supply, with what specifications of the power supply are activated, we must find it from the device catalog.

But in general, CCTV cameras work according to the standard with a voltage of 12 volts and a current intensity of 2 amps.

The main question is what is the difference in the variety of these adapters with the same characteristics in terms of price, shape and appearance and their variety?

We have to keep in mind that cameras consume the same amount of amps during the day and more amps at night, and this is due to their IR (night vision).

And on the other hand, the power supply or power supply does not give real amps to the amount written on the box and their catalog, and this is just the beginning of choosing a power supply with the right voltage !!

2- After getting enough information from your device such as camera or DVR, XVR, NVR, we should go to our power supply catalog

3- Find the power supply with real amp

The question is, where do we find the actual amp power supply?

Normally, the devices write their consumption specifications to the maximum, and the manufacturers of adapters and power supplies also write their writing based on the maximum power consumption.

So it's not a problem so far.
The main problem is the lifespan of the power supply, which is sometimes observed to be one power supply for 1 month and the other for up to 2 years.

This is where you need to be confident in your seller and the sex you receive.