PowerMax 4.5 amp 12 volt socket battery

PowerMax 4.5 amp 12V battery suitable for all types of UPS, burglar alarms, elevators and all kinds of rechargeable cars
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
Old price: 270,000 تومان
250,000 تومان

Powerful PowerMax battery 4.5 amp 12 volts suitable for all types of UPS and burglar alarms

Backup battery is one of the most important items in security systems.
It should be noted that in most thefts, the electricity of the stolen place is cut off by thieves, and in this case, with the lack of backup batteries, all security systems such as burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, etc. will fail, and sometimes this power outage can be accidental. .

Due to all these events, backup battery is very important in all security systems.

Backup battery power or amps:

An example of this system can be defined with a water hose:

He called the output water speed, voltage and intensity of the output water (water flow) ampere and the length of the hose ohm.

So the higher the amp or the output power of the battery, the more direction can be used to establish power in the circuit.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions10x70x90 cm
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
Battery capacity4500mA
Automatic battery chargerok
input voltage12v DC
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