Paradox Wired Sensor Model DG85

Weight Sensor Up to 40kg Paradox Error-free with 2 Lenses Inside
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
Old price: 980,000 تومان
650,000 تومان

Paradox wired eye sensor model DG75

This wired sensor has 2 lenses and is suitable for indoor use

This eye is suitable for places with pets up to 40 kg, such as birds, cats, dogs, etc.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Viewing Angle90 Degree
Depth of vision11 Meter
key tamperok
Circuit making technologySMD
Ophthalmic lensNN
Holder basenot ok
Wave protectionok
Sensor Modelwire
Water resistantnot ok
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
installation locationin door
PET )Weight adjustable )Up to 40 kg
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