Telecommunication pair 2 wire

2 pairs of wires (4 strands) suitable for burglar alarm systems and fire alarm and intelligence
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
Old price: 230,000 تومان
170,000 تومان

Telecommunication pair 2 wire

Home alarm systems are divided into two categories: wireless or wired and wired, and wired with fire alarm and intelligence panels require 2 pairs of wiring, ie 4 wires.

Because all sensors require 2 wires of electricity and 2 wires of data, and for each wiring there is an additional cost and no economic justification, so the use of 2 pairs of telecommunication wires, in addition to ease of installation, significantly reduces the start-up cost. brings.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Number of wire strands4
Wire coil area100m
Wire thickness6 mm
Wire surface materialSoft plastic
Protective shieldok
Protective shield materialAluminum
The second protective shieldok
Second shield materialplastic
The core material of the wireAluminum
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