Terms and conditions of using the services of Alarm Electronic online store

Dear user, please carefully consider the following items for optimal use of electronic alarm services and applications.

By logging in to the Alarm Electronic website when using personal profiles, promotions, electronic media videos, electronic alarms and other services provided by Electronic Alarm means that you are aware of and accept the terms and conditions, as well as how to use the services and Electronic alarm service. Note that registering an order at any time means full acceptance of all terms and conditions of the electronic alarm by the user.
It should be noted that the terms and conditions set forth are an alternative to all previous agreements.

General rules

Note that all the principles and procedures of electronic alarms are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of consumer protection, and consequently the user is obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If there are any changes in the rules, procedures and services of the electronic alarm in the future, it will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site means you accept any changes. .

Define the customer or user

A customer or user is a person who, with his / her user information entered in the registration form, registers an order or any use of electronic alarm services.
Also, since Electronic Alarm is an online retail website, under e-commerce law, a customer or consumer is any person who purchases goods or services for a purpose other than business or professional occupation.

Definition of seller and terms of sellers' goods

The products offered on the website are either purchased and offered by Alarm Electronics from reputable companies and official and legal importers, or some sellers cooperate with Alarm Electronics and sell their products online through this online store. The sellers' goods refer to the second group, and the seller is a natural or legal person who sells his product on the Alarm Electronics website. The sellers' credit is also checked by electronic alarms and the required documents are obtained from them.

Responsibilities related to quality, price, content, conditions as well as after-sales service of the product are the responsibility of the sellers.
Invoices of goods offered by sellers on the site will be sent by the seller at the request of the buyer.
Buyers have the opportunity to submit a request to send an invoice up to 12 hours after the order is registered and finalized.
Orders that have at least one product from the sellers and are finalized by 16:00 every working day, will be sent at least 1 working day later (according to the delivery time announced on the site) in Tehran and other cities.
1 working day Delivery time for sellers 'goods means that if the sellers' goods are purchased, the order processing will start no later than 1 day after the ordering time in the electronic alarm.
1 working day means the time of preparation and delivery of goods to the electronic alarm warehouse by the seller, which may change depending on the type of goods.
In case of delay in processing your order, this issue will be notified to you via SMS and Electronic Alarm will try to supply the product / products you want within 24 hours, if the goods are not supplied after 24 hours, the items are waiting Your order will be canceled systematically.
In special circumstances, such as a surprise sale, there is a possibility that the order for the seller's products will be canceled for reasons such as running out of stock, and Electronic Alarm is allowed to stop trading and taking new orders without prior notice.
If the electronic alarm announces a discount up to a certain limit (Discount Voucher), the purchase amount of the sellers' goods will not be calculated and these goods will not be subject to the use of these discounts.
How to return the seller's goods is according to the electronic alarm procedure, with the difference that the seller is responsible for any non-compliance.
Organizational discounts do not apply to sellers' goods.
After-sales service Electronic Alarm will only accept the customer's request to return the seller's goods if the product seal is not opened or the product is not used and the so-called is not screwed.
Delivery by freight and bus is at the request of the customer and any breakage, damage, scratches, water corrosion and deficit of goods is the responsibility of the buyer.
The products sent by Tipax and Post are done according to the buyer's request and all the risks arising from sending according to the regulations and product insurance are the responsibility of the carrier company (Tipax and Post, etc.).
Purchased products, except for the speaker, siren and speaker protective cover, include a warranty, and in order to be more sure of the warranty, a number of products can be requested from the Electronic Alarm Store.
According to the mentioned agreements, the seller is obliged to supply the goods purchased by the customer, and in case of non-supply of goods at the specified delivery times, he is obliged to contact the buyer, and in case of agreement, to send more time to supply the product. Payment deposited in the seller's account will be returned to the buyer's account.

Electronic Communications

When you use Electronic Alarm Services, place an online order or purchase or email Electronic Alarm, these communications are made electronically and upon request If you follow all the principles and procedures, you agree that the electronic alarm will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, SMS service and other electronic services).
Also, the email and telephone addresses that the customer registers in his profile are the only official and approved email and telephone addresses of the customer, and all correspondence and responses of the company are done through them.
Electronic Alerts may send emails or text messages to members of the Website to inform them of events, special services or promotions. If users do not wish to receive such emails and text messages, they can unsubscribe from receiving the Electronic Alarm newsletter in their profile.

Therefore, sending any text message under the name of Electronic Alarm with any other number is a violation and abuse of the name of Electronic Alarm, and if you receive such a text message, please inform Info@alarmelectronic.com for legal action.

For telephone communication, you can call the fixed number 02166342702 of the electronic alarm store.

Privacy Policy

Electronic Alarms respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the Site Services.
Electronic Alarm undertakes to protect your privacy as much as possible and in this regard, develop the technology needed to make your use of the site as safe and secure as possible. In fact, by using the Electronic Alarm site, you signify your consent to this policy.
All content available through any of the Electronic Alarm services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, video images, downloadable and copyable items, data and all content generated by Electronic Alarm is part of the Electronic Alarm property. ‌ The right to use and publish all available and available materials is the exclusive property of Electronic Alarm, and any use without obtaining written permission reserves the right to prosecute Electronic Alarm. In addition, the scripts, and the names of the services that can be provided through each of the services created by Electronic Alarm and the registered trademarks are the exclusive property of Electronic Alarm and any use for commercial purposes is subject to legal prosecution. Users are allowed to exploit and use the list of products, technical specifications, prices and any derivative use of the Electronic Alarm website or any of the services or content, download or copy information for commercial purposes, any use Data mining, robots, or similar methods such as data collection and extraction tools are not explicitly reserved for electronic alarms. In case of using any of the electronic alarm services, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and all activities that take place under the account or password are the responsibility of the users. Electronic Alarm sells products suitable for use by people under the age of 18, and if users are younger than the stated age, they must inform their parents or legal guardians before making a purchase.
The only official reference we have approved for communication with you is the official site of this site, www.alarmelectronic.com. We will not contact you by any means other than sending a letter from the official and approved addresses on the site. Alarm Electronic website does not have any website with an address other than www.alarmelectronic.com and also, does not have any blog and ID in internet chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, etc. and will never be with you in these ways. Does not call. Users can only use the addresses listed in the Contact Us section to communicate.

Register, process and send an order

Working day means Saturday to Thursday of each week, with the exception of public holidays in Iran, and all registered orders are processed during working days and the first day after the holidays. Electronic alarm allows its customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All orders registered on the Electronic Alarm site are processed by sending the order code via SMS and the pre-invoice via email. Electronic Alarm always does its best in sending and delivering all registered orders. However, if the stock of products in the electronic alarm is exhausted, even after the customer places the order, the electronic alarm is reserved the right to cancel the order or refund the order, or the customer can replace the goods. When finished, replace another product.
In case of problems in the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of stock or customer cancellation, the amount paid will be credited to the customer's account within 24 to 48 working hours.
Electronic Alarm is allowed to stop its actions and sales without prior notice to stop new orders, and all registered orders will be processed and sent before the order is stopped. Electronic Alarm reserves the right to discontinue the sale of all or part of the products for any reason, such as running out of stock, without prior notice.
In the event of any error in the entry of the price and value of the goods available on the site of Electronic Alarm, the right to invalidate the order and purchase made by the customer, is reserved for Electronic Alarm. Electronic Alarm will deposit and return the received funds to the account announced by the customer as soon as possible within 24 to 48 working hours, and the customer accepts by entering the Electronic Alarm site that he is aware of this and will not have any claims in this regard.
Users must complete the order form with the correct and complete information when ordering the desired product. Obviously, in case of entering incomplete or incorrect information, the user's order will not be able to be tracked and delivered. Therefore, entering the address, e-mail and mobile and landline numbers by the customer, confirms their accuracy, and if these items are not entered correctly or completely, the electronic alarm can ensure the accuracy and certainty of order registration from the customer Customers can also enter the name, address and phone number of another person to receive the order, and if the order amount has been prepaid, the recipient of the order must have an ID card when receiving the goods.
The username of each customer, including first and last name, must match the information in the identification documents, and in case of non-compliance, online stores will not be allowed to provide services to this group of customers. Therefore, esteemed buyers should submit an order by submitting a picture of their national card and purchasing through a bank card belonging to the buyer who is in accordance with the identity of the ordering party.