Types of cables and telecommunication cables

Types of cables and telecommunication cables

Telecommunication cables are manufactured in two types of copper and light and are used in both aerial and ground methods

Air Cables:

 They have a strong coating to withstand rain and sunlight. These cables are typically black in color and are less flexible and more brittle due to tough coatings.

Ground Cables:

They are gray in color and better in flexibility and can be used indoors


Types of Copper Telecommunication Cables:

Earth Field Jelly Cable (BFC)

Canal Field Cable (CFC)

Irrigation Channel Cable (CUC)

Surge Arrester Cable (SSC)

Simple Air Cable (AC)

Double Air Intake (DW)

 Telecommunication cable
Types of Optical Communication Cables

Channel Jelly Field Optical Cable (OCFC)

Earth Field Jelly Optical Cable (OBFC)

Optical Air Cable (OSSC)


Telecommunication cable

Telecommunication cables are manufactured in a number of different pairs. The single-pair telephone wire is known as the Rangier wire, which is most commonly used to communicate (fortune) between ports on cruise terminals.

Two-pair telephone cables are mostly used to connect telephone sets to a telephone socket.
The division of telecommunication cable according to the number of couples is as follows

Two couples cable

Four couples cable

Six couples cable

Ten couples cable

Fifteen couples cable

Twenty couples cable

Twenty-five couples cable

Thirty-two couples cable

Fifty Couples Cable

One hundred couples cable

Two hundred couples cable


Pair Detection:

It is possible to identify the pairs of wires by their color as follows:

The color of the pair of wires consists of 2 main colors and 2 sub colors, respectively:

main colors :

Side colors:

By combining the primary and secondary colors, we can have two separated pairs that represent a pair.

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Telecommunication pair 2 wire

2 pairs of wires (4 strands) suitable for burglar alarm systems and fire alarm and intelligence
250,000 تومان 180,000 تومان