Wireless Firewall Smoke Sensor

The wireless firewall smoke sensor has the ability to connect to all firewall alarm panels. This wireless smoke sensor operates separately from the home fire alarm system and can even be operated 24 hours a day, separately from the burglar alarm system.
Manufacturer: Imen dej
Old price: 510,000 تومان
390,000 تومان

Wireless smoke sensor

Firewall wireless smoke sensor is one of the types of wireless side sensors for firewalls, which will make us experience a safer mode of firewalls. The frequency of the wireless firewall sensor is 315, which can be connected to other panels. Alarms have places with a frequency range of 315, a suitable place to install wireless smoke firewall sensors in environments with a higher risk of fire, such as the kitchen. Power, etc. is to be used for more safety, including the unique features of wireless firewall smoke sensors, its function is separate from the alarm panel of firewalls, which can be used when the alarm is off. If a built-in beaker is installed inside the sensor, the firewall of the wireless smoke sensor sounds when exposed to smoke and heat, causing the wireless smoke sensor to operate separately. The power supply of these wireless smoke sensors is a 9-volt book battery firewall. Be readily available in all stores The firewall alarm has all the accessories belonging to the company itself.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
DimensionsØ12.8 x 3.5 cm
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
Wired connections2pairs of wires
input voltage10v ~ 26v DC
Humidity5 - 10 %
Temperature80 ~ 25-
Consumption current intensity≤ 25mA
The color of the lightsRED
Sound output power10w
Sensor Modelwire
key tampernot ok
Circuit making technologyDIP & SMD
Holder baseok
Wave protectionok
Water resistantnot ok
installation locationin door
Covered space20m^2