GMk is another manufacturer in the Alarm Industry that has been designed and manufactured outside of Iran and assembled in Iran has a medium warranty that has recently been tightened but still out of reach. A bit behind its competitors, the brand sells its product in various panels at a frequency of 315 MHz to the Laring Code, which makes all of its accessories cheaper, has a special place amongst the installers, and has recently acquired a welfare card and Put your ad inside the device and you can score points by texting on the card According to the company participated in the monthly draw.

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GMK Burglaralarm panel Model 910

More security with two methods of informing the SIM card and fixed line with 4 outputs controlling the electrical device
3,030,000 تومان 2,380,000 تومان

GMK Alarm Model M1- 890

High antenna with powerful Quectell module
2,790,000 تومان 2,125,000 تومان

GMK Q2 Alarm Model

It has 12 zones, 8 zones with wires and 4 wireless zones
3,980,000 تومان 2,830,000 تومان

GMK Alarm Model Q3

Keyboard Touchpad
3,700,000 تومان 2,800,001 تومان

GMK Burglaralarm Model GM650A or T1

Fixed line notification
1,860,000 تومان 1,320,000 تومان

GMK SIM card alarm package GMK model GMK 4CH PB

GMK SIM card alarm package Has: GMK 890 SIM card alarm with theft insurance up to 5 billion Rials 4 futal eyes with base Battery backup Speaker and cover
3,825,000 تومان 2,935,000 تومان