GAP bruglar alarm place

One of the leading brands in the field of alarm production, in several different models, with different capabilities to protect homes, residential, commercial and… Iranian company Gap is called. The company that manufactures high-quality components tries to produce perfect products. G12 Gateway Alarm is one of the most up-to-date products of the company that has so far satisfied customers. Here's a look at this product in terms of performance, technical specifications, looks and more. It will be clear that the G12 will be reasonably priced in terms of quality.

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َGAP Burglar Alarm Model G12

Simcarty + telline
2,500,000 تومان 2,320,000 تومان

GAP places alarm model T11

GAP places alarm model T11 with the ability to call via fixed line
1,820,000 تومان 1,800,000 تومان