GMK Industrial Group

GMK Industrial Group

The first phase of the factories of this industrial group started operating in 1396 and in 1397 entered the second phase of production of its products and in 1398 brought its products to the field of production extensively.

The turning point of this industrial group is extensive cooperation with Iran Insurance in order to insure products and the efficiency of this category of products.

This company has a license from the country's gold and jewelry union.

One of the most prominent products of this factory is the types of burglar alarms in 910, 890 and 650 models.

Other products of these factories include UPS, BMS, GPS, car and fire alarm, etc. Other products and security and surveillance equipment.

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GMK Burglaralarm panel Model 910

More security with two methods of informing the SIM card and fixed line with 4 outputs controlling the electrical device
3,030,000 تومان 2,500,000 تومان

GMK Burglaralarm Model GM650A or T1

Fixed line notification
1,860,000 تومان 1,350,000 تومان

GMK SIM card alarm package GMK model GMK 4CH PB

GMK SIM card alarm package Has: GMK 890 SIM card alarm with theft insurance up to 5 billion Rials 4 futal eyes with base Battery backup Speaker and cover
3,500,000 تومان 2,910,000 تومان