Hidden cameras

hidden camera
One of the unique protection systems is hidden cameras.

Use these types of cameras to protect property or persons or to monitor the behavior of persons in the workplace or office or people who work as security guards or crew in office or residential environments without them noticing such a hidden CCTV protection system.

Using hidden cameras in different places and at different times has different functions.

Therefore, like their names, which are called hidden cameras, they design them in different shapes and dimensions that are not intuitive or are confused with public tools used in the offices of residential, commercial and even industrial buildings, and if we want an example of These problems can be explained by hidden cameras such as detectors (which look like smoke detector sensors) and hidden lamp cameras (similar to 100 watt or low-energy lamps) and fisheye cameras (similar to fire alarm smoke sensors) or cameras. He mentioned the hidden fingerprint (hidden camera that is about the size of a fingerprint) and the flatbed camera (which is one of the most popular cameras among hidden cameras).

Each of the hidden cameras such as flat, hidden lamp camera, panoramic hidden camera, fisheye hidden camera, fingerprint hidden camera are designed in different places and for different tasks.

Some of these hidden cameras have night vision and some do not.

It is interesting to know that all these cameras have image transfer on smartphones with Android and iPhone operating systems, and you can easily view your desired image on your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Examples of these cameras as a product that can be purchased for you can be seen at the bottom of this text:

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(Flat camera (hidden

A small camera with the ability to view online on a mobile phone
1,550,000 تومان 1,020,000 تومان

دوربین فلتی (مخفی) دید در شب

A small camera with the ability to view online on a mobile phone
1,750,000 تومان 1,150,000 تومان

CCTV camera smart Xiaomi MJSXJ09CM 2K

Xiaomi Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K MJSXJ09CM Surveillance Camera
1,250,000 تومان 1,100,000 تومان

CCTV camera under Xiaomi MJSXJ02HL Global network

Xiaomi waterproof WiFi magnetic camera suitable for indoor and outdoor use
1,250,000 تومان 520,000 تومان

Xiaomi Network Camera Model YI Home Camera 3 1080P

Xiaomi YI Home Camera 3 1080P network camera suitable for indoor use
1,450,000 تومان 1,120,000 تومان