partoazarakhsh bruglar alarms

Today, due to the great variety of alarm products, all customers are looking for a panel and package with a quality preferably similar to foreign ones. Create Iranian taste that has quality and beauty and competition in quality with foreign products at the same time. This category of products has a company warranty and will be unique.

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  • Number of hardware zones
  • 8
  • Wireless zone number
  • 10
  • Relay Output Number
  • 5

Smart ZX Parto Azarakhsh Places Burglar alarm

Places burglaralarm smart zx model is a different brand in the field of place alarms
3,900,000 تومان 4,300,000 تومان

+Burglar Alarm smart zx

Home Alarms The smart zx plus has a stronger built-in wireless antenna power than the smartzx
4,000,000 تومان 4,400,000 تومان

Smart ZXA Parto Azarakhsh Place Burglaralarm

Smart ZXA place alarm has a stronger internal GSM antenna power than Smart ZX
4,000,000 تومان 4,400,000 تومان

Smart zx 2a + Alarm Radiation Detector

Smart ZX 2 A Plus burglar alarm with stronger internal GSM antenna power and stronger wireless antenna + than smartzxa
5,000,000 تومان 4,850,000 تومان