FiveStar wired optical sensor model IRF10

15-25kg weight sensor Fayostar with two lenses
Manufacturer: alarm electronic
Old price: 960,000 تومان
948,000 تومان

Fivastar wired and motion sensor model F10

Weight sensors suitable for the open environment must be resistant to sunlight and light rays emitted from it, and must also have the necessary resistance to rain and snow so as not to damage their board.

Firestar wire sensor model F10 is suitable for outdoor space.

This sensor has 2 lenses to separate the external lights and the necessary accuracy for the sensor without error.

Note that the most powerful example of this sensor is the DG85 Paradox model, which weighs up to 40 kg.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Viewing Angle110 Degree
Depth of vision15 Meter
key tamperok
Circuit making technologyDIP & SMD
Ophthalmic lensNN
Holder basenot ok
Wave protectionok
Sensor Modelwire
Water resistantok
جنس بدنهپلاستیک
installation locationout door
PET )Weight adjustable )Up to 20 kg