Wired equipment

Home alarms, even if their sensors are plugged in, are still incomplete and severely impaired. A complete alarm should have all the essentials such as a siren speaker battery and essential speaker cover sensors.

Wired Alarm Equipment Places:

In order to complete your alarm package, you will need some tools, such as speakers, sirens. Sometimes you need to add accessories such as flashlights, turn lights, pedals, etc. Based on efficiency and space, you can consult for free by calling. The ones listed in the Contact Us section make sure of your purchase and you can even find out what their product descriptions are for.

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Strong piezo siren (imported)

Strong piezo alarms, suitable for all brands of car and motorcycle alarms
105,000 تومان 60,000 تومان

Siren 40w

Large single alarm siren alarms
180,000 تومان 90,000 تومان

Speaker 25w

Powerful 25 watt speaker
70,000 تومان 65,000 تومان


40 watt speaker Very powerful imported places suitable for all security systems with SP output.
120,000 تومان 90,000 تومان

Places alarm pedal

Metal pedals for stealing secret theft suitable for gold shops, banks and offices and shops that are directly related to cash.
118,000 تومان 100,000 تومان

Push Button

Hidden burglar burglary incitement during theft
35,000 تومان 30,000 تومان