Wired sensors

Sensors that move smoke to the alarm panel to detect motion, smoke, and so on.

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Paradox Wired Sensor Model DG85

Weight Sensor Up to 40kg Paradox Error-free with 2 Lenses Inside
398,000 تومان 310,000 تومان

Paradox Wired Sensor Model DG85

Wired ocular sensor with classic brand. Installable for all alarms
800,000 تومان 670,000 تومان

Paradox Model 465 Wired Ceiling Ocular Sensor

This paradoxical 360 degree ceiling sensor
163,000 تومان 147,000 تومان

H6 wired firewall ocular sensor

The H6 Wired Firewall Sensor is a 15- to 16-meter power-sensing 110-degree-angle sensor, one of the best choices for the eye.
165,000 تومان 148,000 تومان

FIFASTAR wired optical sensor model IRF10

15-25kg weight sensor Fayostar with two lenses
960,000 تومان 948,000 تومان

FUTAL Wired Ocular Sensor

A type of economical wired optical model that can be used on all alarms.
105,000 تومان 90,000 تومان