Speed Dome / Motorized

PTZ Rotary CCTV Camera
PTZ CCTV (stands for pan-tilt-zoom). It is also known by other names such as rotary cameras and Speed ​​Dome .

One of the types of CCTV camera is the ability to directly control and adjust the zoom. For this reason, it is used in places where there should be strict monitoring.
These cameras usually have a trap-shaped body and a stand depending on installation conditions.
The rotary camera has the ability to rotate in various directions and rotate 2 degrees and can also move up or down. It also has manual and automatic control and, due to its rotation capability, it can work with multiple Dome cameras.
Rotary cameras or PTZs allow you to control your work or home from anywhere with your cell phone and internet.
The main purpose of these cameras is usually to monitor large environments and require an operator to use them, and in the absence of anyone to monitor the camera the camera will only play the role of a regular camera.
One of the important features of CCTVs is the ability to define a certain number of presets for the camera. These presets allow you to set the camera to timely focus on specific locations and show it to you.
A set of presets that are executed sequentially and one after the capture is called a sequence. This Sequence will actually be the camera's motion app.