Standalone Wireless / Wireless Package

Nowadays, buying standalone DVR with HDD drive and wiring etc is neither cheap nor aesthetically pleasing. Quick replacement of these types of cameras today. Fast-paced around the world with a variety of brands coming to the market that you dear customers can find high quality examples of at this affordable price.

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CCTV camera smart Xiaomi MJSXJ09CM 2K

Xiaomi Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K MJSXJ09CM Surveillance Camera
1,250,000 تومان 1,100,000 تومان

CCTV camera under Xiaomi MJSXJ02HL Global network

Xiaomi waterproof WiFi magnetic camera suitable for indoor and outdoor use
1,250,000 تومان 520,000 تومان

Xiaomi Network Camera Model YI Home Camera 3 1080P

Xiaomi YI Home Camera 3 1080P network camera suitable for indoor use
1,450,000 تومان 1,120,000 تومان