(Motion Sensors (Ocular

Just go to the end of the lecithin to search for the eyepiece or the wired sensor. Different types of wired eyewear with different brands, if you don't know the brand you want.

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Alpha classic wire sensor

Wired ocular sensor with classic brand. Installable for all alarms
194,000 تومان 190,000 تومان

Anic Wired P1 Model

Anik's P1 eye product with an exclusive proprietary brand.
170,000 تومان 150,000 تومان

Paradox Wired Sensor Model 476

The Peru 476 or (+ 476) sensor is one of the paradox wired sensors that has achieved high sales for its reasonable price.
70,000 تومان 620,000 تومان

Paradox Wired Sensor Model NV5

NV5 sensor Another good paradox is the small size of the product and the strong coverage of the environment
195,000 تومان 160,000 تومان

Pyrronex wired optical sensor model HX15ED

Pyrronex is one of the strongest sensors in the world, as expected with an internal wired eye.
170,000 تومان 150,000 تومان

FIFASTAR wired optical sensor model IRF10

15-25kg weight sensor Fayostar with two lenses
960,000 تومان 948,000 تومان